How to understand FastCGI

Posted by BrunoJu on February 28, 2018

#How to understand FastCGI For example, you(PHP) are going to talk business with Eskimo…

You(PHP) speak Chinese(PHP code), but the Eskimo(WebServer, like Apache/Nginx and so forth) speak Eskimo(Great C language).

That’s the problem must be solved. OK, fine. Let’s talk buiness on universal English(FastCGI protocol).

##How do PHP transform php-code? About that, PHP has a module called PHP-FPM, you need to make sure the module is on your operation system, if not, please install it with below command:

yum install php-fpm

##How do Webservers transform C language? Don’t worry about this issue, almost all the webservers themselves have the translator responsible for transforming C language to FastCGI protocol.

##Notice Only the Linux use the PHP-FPM module which is newer than PHP-CGI, Windows System still use the old one. They have the same function.

As a Linux operator, of course, I will use PHP-FPM module.